10 Years of using Linux

“I am not going to use this thing ever!” I told myself after installing Red Hat Linux 9 for the first time in 2007. Being only 17, I had limited knowledge on installing operating systems and was completely new to Linux.

There were more reasons to quit using Linux but, certain things made me come back. Simple things like:

  • Food for my curious nature as Linux always presented a new challenge
  • A helping community that welcomes you with open arms
  • Endless knowledge for those who seek to know internals of an operating system

The above points represent all work and no play. This is one big reason why, at 17, I wanted to quit using Linux, as I also wanted to watch movies and play games.

Soon, the wish to watch movies became a reality with Ubuntu 10.04, when I installed VLC media player on it. That moment was the turning point in my life as I completely left windows.

As life moved on, there were many twists and turns. I left many things and was introduced to new things but, all these years, Linux remained in my life.

For those, who are new to Linux or interested in Linux, this blog post can tell different advantages of using Linux. For others readers, I’ll try to make this blog post a pleasant read.

Early Days – Red Hat Linux 9

In chemistry, we learn that a catalyst is needed to increase the rate of reaction. Well, Linux For You magazine played that role. With articles from different Linux experts (with screenshots), fueled my desire to explore Linux even more. After reading a number of articles from RHCE certified professionals, the certification became the higher qualification for me.

College Days – Ubuntu 10.04

Even before college life, I was exploring Linux along with writing C code and shell scripts. As a result, I opted computer science engineering. In India, we have short training period during engineering, and I joined a Java programming language class.

The instructor of that coaching institute was not able to help me as I was using Linux. Every time, I asked him for help with the database connection and he told me to install windows. Luckily, there was OpenJDK, and I wrote basic code using that and completed my training.

However, for me, it was not about C or Java Language. I wrote code as it was a new challenge for me to do on Linux. All this time, RHCE was still on my mind and to enhance my knowledge, I decided to become RHCE certified.

In October 2011, I joined Linux training institute. On November 1, 2011, I became RHCE certified and scored 94%. I remember the night when I was coming back from my training institute and it was like I had no more wishes in life. 🙂

After few weeks, that good feeling of accomplishment was replaced with the hunger for more knowledge. With the knowledge of system administration I received from RHCE training, my mind drifted to system programming.

I was in the second year of my engineering college and I was trying to find books or online resources that can guide me in system programming. However, this story had a sad ending as I was unable to learn system programming on my own. 🙂

The First Job – Fedora 21

Time flies and I graduated in 2013. Frustrated and confused about which profession to pursue, I went to Bangalore to see what destiny has in store for me. I decided to apply for 1 job in my area of interests.

As a result, I applied 3 jobs – system administration, programming, and writing. To keep things simple, I decided to go with the first job I got selected in. To my surprise, I was selected as an Assistant Editor at SiliconIndia.

Having good technical knowledge, I started with writing technology news and later wrote business news as well. After working there for over a year, I came back to my hometown, Chandigarh, and joined FATbit as a writer.

The Second Job – Fedora 24

Working at FATbit was different as I had no previous experience in IT industry. I had to educate myself on marketing, business models, ecommerce, etc., which changed my perspective for good.

After a year of working as a writer, I changed my department to digital marketing and sales. Soon, I was interacting with people and analyzed their business problems. It was not easy at first but, due to a strong technical background (thanks to Linux), I was able to provide the right solution to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Present – Fedora 26

Recently, I left my job at FATbit. As I wait for the next opportunity, I reflect on how my life has moved forward. The transition from technology journalist to technology sales was possible because of Linux.


Using Linux has definitely helped me advance my career and gave me a new perspective. As a technology enthusiast, I can only say few words for those who wish to use Linux – The force is with you. 🙂

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